Monday, June 21, 2010

I Don't Wanta Know - Lyrics and Link To MP3

A song about a fellow who realizes the beautiful mysterious woman he married is actually a vampire. She keeps him alive because, well, she loves him and he feels the same way, but she is what she is and all he can say is, I don't wanta know.

Much of modern life is too much like this fellow's problem: it may not kill us but it hurts.

I Don’t Wanta Know – Len Bullard

June 12, 2010

Whose idea was it to burn the candles low
Who couldn’t wait to watch me … walk out the door
What wicked thirst is this that makes you act so mean
Walking around with a red dress on
Nothing for me but a sniff and a moan
Keeping the best for the backdoor man
Hiding the Bible in the bedside stand

But I don’t wanta know
I don’t wanta ever feel that feeling again
I don’t wanta know
Hunting at night with a knife and a bow
Leaving them out in the cold down low
Disturbing the peace with a hot lawman
Catching a break from any CatchAsCatch can
But I don’t wanta know
I don’t wanta know

I’ve heard you brag that you have never had to lie
Get your way with nothing but a smile
A moonlit shadow swallows up the northern sky
Sucking the blood from the heart of a man
Stylishly cruel? Oh you know that you can.
Cutting him up if he gives you a fight
Making it in by the end of the night

But I don’t wanta know
I don’t wanta ever feel that feeling again
I don’t wanta know
If you’re that hungry for a bite to the bone
First, ask your sister if I’m alone
If the time ain’t right just be prepared
If you’re raring up honey
Well I ain’t scared
Cause I don’t wanta know. I don’t wanta know.

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