Saturday, March 07, 2009

THe Watchmen

Don't bother. If you have young children, don't let them see this. In fact, thumbs down. It has it's own audience, no doubt.

Normally I don't diss a film like that, but these guys are running ads that don't tell you the degree to which this movie is soft-sci-fi porn with full frontal of men and women, and some explicit gettin' it on. People who took their kids were dumbfounded.

And the plot sucks. Good CGI.

The Star Trek preview looks excellent.


Pete Kirkham said...

In the UK it's classified as 18, so it would be illegal to take your kids.

Len Bullard said...

That's the right thing to do. In the States, they are advertising it like it was the next IronMan or SpiderMan and hiding the porn in the ads with some clever editing and masking. They know the actual content would destroy the opening box numbers and they expect the kids to tell their parents about the magazine's dark bits. Someone will sue and they know that will send the box higher.

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