Friday, October 03, 2008

Class War

If you cast it in the terms a talking head journalist understands, diction, erudition, breath control, pacing, sophistication, Palin lost. That was Rachel Maddow's take.

If you cast it in the terms the average American understands, courage of convictions, honesty, forthrightness, direct approach to the problems, Palin won. That was Greta van Susteren's take.

If you cast it in terms of who understands what a working mother wants to hear regarding taking the fight to the corruption in DC and New York, Palin won. That was the take of the women at the coffee pot this morning.

For the person who had the most distance to cover, Palin clearly won.

Will all that sum up as leadership? That is to be determined.

The disappointment was the utter predictability of each network's reaction. The candidate they are in the tank for, they still are.

But here's the kicker: sophistication is telling people losing their homes they are the reason for the credit crunch because they bought what they could not afford while the sophisticate telling them that is eating fish eggs at $330 an ounce. Gore and Kerry didn't get that.

The fat guy down front with five kids and a job teetering on layoff and the single mom raising a family don't either.

This election is a class war.


John Cowan said...

Yes, it is.

Except that the party posing as the populists are (and always have been, with a few oddball exceptions like T.R.) the party of entrenched privilege, of money and power, the party that won The War. (You don't need me to tell you which war.)

The other party is the one I belong to, because as Will Rogers said, I don't belong to any organized political party. Sometimes they really are populists, sometimes they are almost as bad as their opponents, most of the time they're in between.

It's hard to have hope after you've been wandering in the desert for forty years. But I have some.

Rob Koberg said...

John's post made me think of a divine comedy for all those entering the democrat's ranks

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