Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who Rules?

The voting results tonight are astounding. After all the press told the voters Barack is the presumptive nominee, he gets mauled. We see continued erosion of Barack's core and accelerating loss of the working class precisely when by the game rules he is the front runner.

Delegates are the game. The people pick the President.

Who rules?

Barack Obama is winning the nomination and losing the election.

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Bob said...

Despair not. The alliances are coming back together. And Obama is beginning (at last) to show some fight. Somebody seems to have hung a sign in his office: "It's Bush and Cheney, stupid" That isn't just an anchor around McCain's neck, it's an anvil.

Obtw, you know I love you, Len, but blogger/blogspot is the world's most user-hostile web host for disabled people, as I now know for myself.

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