Friday, October 17, 2008

Fried Chicken and Watermelon

Fried chicken and watermelon are the new left code words for race in this election. I've bad news for you. Fried chicken and watermelon are straight up southern food on many a table regardless of ethnicity. Add some pinto beans, collards (with fatback of course), corn bread, mashed potatoes and some fresh tomato slices to round it out and you have the meal that my colleagues from the land of the northern aggression would stay an extra day for.

Those of us who lived through the worst of racism in the 60s are innoculated against the attacks from the intellectual left that condescend to tell us what we think and feel to give themselves a smug sense of being superior.

They practice domination by belief in intellect and mystifyingly believe their souls are pure of the disease they so freely accuse the rest of the nation as passing to their children. Because politics swing hard from side to side, just as Bush guaranteed a surge to the left from the right, Obama is guaranteeing a surge to anti-learning, and that will be a far harsher penalty box.

As the twig is bent, people, as the twig is bent.

Obama showed his vulunerability early in the campaign when he patted his opponent on the shoulder condescendingly for being the only 'white guy'. It isn't race. That is his cudgel and all the right can do is avoid it. He showed it in the debate with his smirking when McCain called him out for lieing about his past.

Obama is smugly intellectual and very thin skinned when challenged on it. When told he is wrong, you can see the blood rush to his head. This is the ObamaBot disease that infects his supporters and causes them to rage in the face of opposition.

They picked up on his cue of 'smarter than thou' and it is amplified by the notion that the only way George W. Bush could have been elected President twice was by the so-called "low information voters", a code word for "stupid" ganging up on the smarter and more deserving to judge.

Instead, it is they who should be judged for infecting the country with its most virulent strain of elitism.

If you want to take them down, show them for what they are: insecure and inexperienced pretend intellectuals, or in short smart-butt bigots.

Remember, their ranks are filled with intellectual pretenders trying to look and sound smart. Think about the kid in high school who wore fake glasses.

As for Sarah Palin who has been attacked by both left wing wackos and a wacko media, then mishandled, I say:

Keep reminding them of who you are and what you achieved, Sarah Palin.

You worked your way up from a small town girl all the way to Governor of Alaska. You didn't do that because you were born at the top of the social ladder, went to the best schools, got the highest grades, or were voted most likely. You did it the old fashioned way: you worked your butt off, you made your own luck, and when the time came to step up or step out, you put the elbow to your opponent and stepped forward.

They believe they are smarter like the kid programmer who believes because he can make a circle dance on a screen he should run the company. But it is the person who understands other people, who gets up earlier, who works later and who never quits, never surrenders and never gives quarter that runs the company. The values that made you who you are are the values that made this country the most admired and successful in history: hard work, decency, putting family first, and love of God as realized through helping a neighbor.

Remember that, Governor, and no matter how this election goes, you will still be a winner. Screw the speechwriters. They are not running. Screw the handlers. Their names aren't on the ballot.

Be Sarah. That has always been the winning move.


Kevembuangga said...

God and Sarah Palin?
Your angst about Obama may be blinding you.
May be you should read that Understanding Sarah Palin: Or, God Is In The Wattles

Len Bullard said...

I know about the creationist position. She said 'teach both sides' and if you follow my blogs you know I've said, don't. It isn't science.

I read the cited blog and it goes to a lot of trouble to refute creationism. It also uses questionable assumptions about left wing/right wing psychology. I think you are boxing with a dust devil. It matters little because what is taught in schools in the US is determined by the States, not the Federal government and there is no way she could get any of that into law, so worry less.

Worry more about the possibility that ACORN and the FBI will result in RICO indictments that may embroil an Obama presidency. The man has a lot of dirt under the rug and it can turn his first administration into Nixon's second.

Then things will be worse.

Rob Koberg said...

I really don't have a dog in this hunt, but I would almost prefer Obama in a similar way I would prefer no bailout for the people that f'ed up. Pain is a good teacher. (it has been my best teacher)

"He that lives upon hope will die fasting."
-Ben Franklin

Len Bullard said...

I'd like to be for Obama. I can't. He lied and cheated. His supporters have acted like the children of the dammed. In my opinion, he has loosed the same infection of intellectual elitism that made the Gestapo infamous and feared.

I can't go there.

I'm a Democrat. It didn't have to be like this, but the leftists chose and the party followed. So be it. I'll sit this one out.

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