Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Gift

Craig Carodine asked me to write something for the church contemporary Christmas program. The theme of the program is The Gift.

My contribution is HERE. Not fancy but fun. Sorry about the cheesy midi. This stuff takes about fourteen musicians to record right.

The lyrics follow.

The Gift

Moses reached out with a mighty hand
Holy Father won't you part the sea?
With the water before us
And the Pharoah behind
There's not an awful lot of desert between
Jehovah looked down with a mighty grin
Like the ocean rolling out from the shore
And when the gift was given
It reached down from Heaven
Saying, "Pharoah, let my people go!"

His Gift His Gift is Given (repeat)

Shadrack stood in the fiery furnace
Shouting, "King on your worldly throne
For as warm as it is
I'd rather be with my friends
In the company of all I adore
There's a Heaven above you
There's a Hell below you
What you think about that, I don't know,
But when the gift is given
It rains down from Heaven
To the fire on the valley below.

His Gift His Gift is Given (repeat)

Oooooh His Gift is greater than the power of the sun and the sea
Oooooh His Gift is promised to the people that they shall be free
Oooooh His Gift is strong enough to last for eternity
Oooooh His Gift is given by the man from Galilee!

Jesus stood on a hill in Canaan
Looking out at their beautiful souls
They had come to hear about the gifts of God
His joy His peace His love
Come as children to my Father's house
For his love is as great as my own
And when my gift is given
It will reach right up to Heaven
Praying, "Father let your blessings flow"

When The Gift is given
God reaches down from Heaven
Giving Peace
Blessed Peace
Lord Your Peace!

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