Monday, June 09, 2008

I'll Never Find Another You

The problem of the economy as an issue is it is like sitting at a crowded table eating an expensive meal; the crowd blames the restaurant, the waiter is asking if anyone wants more, the chef wants a compliment but no one wants to pick up the check.

Obama's weakness is he projects the feminization of America and that isn't a sexist or racial issue. It is leftist and this is a right-center country except for the millenials and they aren't nearly as large a voting bloc as the baby boomers who are increasingly conservative and had enough of rock stars about the time hip-hop was born.

What is interesting is the current punditry on the veepstakes. The McCain pundits are saying he needs a VP that will brighten his image given his age. The Obama pundits are saying he mustn't pick a VP that dims his brightness.

The Obama camp is still afraid of Hillary Clinton even having taken the nomination. It doesn't matter that she is out of the race; it does matter that they keep working the message of Obama Girl that his image needs to be protected. That's a real fear and a real weakness that can be exploited: rock stars can't lose the bad boy image or they become working stiffs.

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