Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Once Again, The Geeks Are Clueless

The Republicans are making sure the money goes where it does them the most good. Smart. Unscrupulous but smart.

The Democrats are about to put John McCain in the White House. What no pundit thought possible, once again, we will do for the sake of spiting ourselves. The harsh bit is if one takes race off the table as every good liberal should, Obama is just a freshman Senator without any credentials beyond presentability. Given that, if we want to make some kind of statement, the big change would be gender. It appears that America is more biased about gender and fearful of women in charge.

The $40 million of our money spent by the Republicans to destroy the Clintons worked, and now for their effort, we will give them another four years, or we will elect another Jimmy Carter who while admirable, was too inexperienced to undo the mess left by Nixon. After that, we get another 12 years of Republicans just as we did with Reagan/Bush. You have to admit, it is a brilliant strategy. The Democrats take the fall for Bush Jr's criminal rule, and the same party that made that possible get another decade to loot.

John Cleese was right. The Queen needs to revoke our independence except for "Kansas which she does not fancy." At least the Brits understood that Ironpants Maggie was no threat and had the nescessaries to govern.


JLD said...

Are you sure that there is anything to "choose from"?

European elite back Democratic frontrunner
Obama the limits of "identity politics"
the audacious marketing of false hope

McCain is an American Friend of Bilderberg
George Carlin - Voting

(a private communication if you like, I don't mind if you "moderate" this)

John Cowan said...

Fucking Judean People's Front!

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