Monday, August 06, 2007

The Millennials

Somewhere out on the flatlands of the web I was grazing on a press blurb about the so-called millennials, a term Gen-Xers prefer to describe themselves. It said they are not that well-liked by their bosses. The article described their high expectations, fast production and technical skills coupled to their inability to stick with an employer without quick promotions and senior salaries. The comments warned the baby boomers to get "out of our way".

Umm... glad to do it.

When a generation's most notable contribution to culture is the concept of "the starter marriage", that says it all. History skips right over them. Why? For all their ambition, ultimately, they're bland. As my wife says, "no staying power".


Reed Hedges said...

Well, I hope (or aspire) to be something of an exception to this
trend (if it exists), Len.

Though I wouldn't mind some quick promotions and high salaries!!

Len Bullard said...

You will as long as you have a dream for the stuff you have to acquire to render a dream.

The $$$Status combo is a way to buy your freedom in your rendering.

Don't stop building your community with all the degrees of freedom transformable and traversable.

But it is still just stuff. The secret of the Boomers is they were about heart and wealth. Oz was right about brains, medals and hearts.



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