Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Some days here at Casa LaMammal, we play trivia games. Being compleat geniuses and patriotes, we like to ask questions only a compleat idiote would bother to know. This is where we find out just how good your memory is, how bad your TV habits are, or if WikiPedia and Google really know everything not worth knowing. After all, that is why we call it 'trivia'.

Be warned: these are tricky.

Where did Peabody go to college?

What was Peabody's first job after graduation?

What was Peabody's second job after graduation?

Why did Peabody adopt a boy?

Where did Peabody find the boy?

Where was the boy living when Peabody decided to adopt him?

What was the recommendation accepted by the judge for Peabody adopting the boy ?

What is the name of Peabody's boy?

What did Peabody give his boy on his birthday?

What did the gift do?

Why did Peabody give his boy this gift?

Where did Peabody and his boy go on their first outing?

Whom did Peabody and his boy meet on their second outing?

What did the boy call Peabody?

What is the name of the series that starred Peabody and his boy?


Anonymous said...

first question: who is Peabody?


Len Bullard said...

That's the easy question, Rob. It might depend on how old you were in 1959 or how many Saturday mornings you parked in front of the TV since.

This is a Google/Wikipedia test.

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