Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Happy news for my friends and others. The diagnosis for the cancer is chronic lymphatic leukemia. That sounds bad but it is one of the most treatable and people live for decades with it. I'll find out about the treatment this week as I continue to traverse the co-pay food chain (One Doctor = One Fact. Repeat Until > BlueCross || Death). :-)

On Friday, I was hired by a local small software firm as a senior application developer applying web technology. I am looking forward to this in soooo many ways. Exciting!

I seemed to have turned a corner and things looks wonderful. Death notices get your attention, yes they do. Every day is a better day now. Sounds dramatic, but it is oh so true.

Off to the Bluebird in Nashville now to play at Songwriter's Night. Life is... good.

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Eliot Kimber said...


That is good new indeed, given that having the cancer just magically vanish is not a realistic outcome.

BTW, it's "Devanagari", not "devanagri".



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