Monday, January 29, 2007

Life IS A Do-Over At Least Virtually

Just as the most brilliant economic minds gather at the World Economic Forum and ooh and aah over the alledged invention of the most important technology to come along in years

Second Life

an independent researcher confirms what the real pioneers in the field have been saying for some time now. Yes, friends, Linden Dollars are a Ponsi scheme (aka, pyramid).

The problem for the rest of the real-time 3D genre vendors will be to be at sea when the wave crashes and not moored to the dock waiting. That means building markets not reliant on SL-allied community efforts. It is actually not difficult to do but don't be perceived as an SL cognoscenti when it happens. Pick another genre or prove why your implementation is NOT like SL at least where the content economy is concerned.

Between the tempest over Microsoft paying a very real expert, Rick Jeliffe, to edit the technical contents of a Wikipedia article, and the self-selected experts for VR like Daniel Terdimann at (Fox News by another name) who have yet to build a world in a field they say they are experts about and point to their Wikipedia bio to justify that claim, one begins to ask if the web has simply devolved into a British tabloid where the facts are as suspect as their Prime Minister's sharable military intelligence and the taste is the same as their cooking.

Next time we go to war, let's take London and give it to the Aussies.

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