Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's A Dog's Life

I've been asked why I quit my job. It's a reasonable question, so here goes.

It's a dog's life. I stuck my neck out for a fence jumping German Shepherd and a French Poodle. The Shepherd rolled over but the Poodle went for my throat. So even if it is expensive and hard on my family, I went home to hang out with my trustworthy Sheltie because otherwise, the Poodle would have lost her dog house and the Shepherd will still be jumping fences.

Dogs will be dogs.


Anonymous said...

Methinks the sheltie's mate has been chasing too many parked cars and cognitive damage is well past the Lagrange point...

Some Cat

Anonymous said...

Methinks the cat doth protest too much and doesn't understand the reason for multiple corroborators.

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