Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To Find Peace

I have everything I ever wanted. If that is not the same as what I deserve, then that is good because I am sure there are many punishments for those who get ALL they deserve. I pursued justice as I see it, not as I have been told to see it. I pursued pleasure as I could afford it, not merely as I have desired it. In this combination, I have done my duty. Is that not the way of the temple?

Such wonderful things I have seen and known. Is it not enough to drink from the river, to bathe in the river, to watch it fill the ocean? What good comes from trying to hold it or claim it as one's own? None. Knowing this and accepting it is a way to peace. In peace, one may eventually know enlightenment and there is no higher good than that for a human.

Om shanti. Hari om.

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