Friday, March 10, 2006

What Do You Do Here?

What do you do here?

Pick any two.

2. Resume Version: Senior Technical Consultant. The duties are to make sure Process Requests get answered promptly..

2. Email Signature Version:

Wyle E Coyote Society : Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow.

2. Blog Version:

I herd fish for the other predators.

A day without scaring a senior manager is a day without perspiration.

Being bad is easy; being evil takes practice, study, and planning.

2. Podcast Version:

"Speak of the Devil!"
"It's not my turn to be the Devil."
"Oh right.... it's my turn, but I've studied."

2. Zen version:

They ask you to move a mountain but will not buy you equipment or explosives. You notice a stream runs past the base of the mountain, buy a small house, and spend your mornings picking up sand off the bottom of the stream and dropping it back in the water to watch it flow toward the mountain. You grow old but you attain your goal and the water does all the heavy lifting.

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