Friday, January 20, 2006

Cosmic Evolution

Open source is both politic and software model applied to the business model.

Is it a business model? No. I agree with Tim Bray. It isn't.

IMHO, it is shared values. Not ideology, but values.

I won't enumerate those but for one by example:

Many turtle graphic systems have been developed, but
<canvas/> works because there is one language we all speak:


HTML's ubiquity is not based on a business model but on a model of how software should evolve for the betterment of those who use it: by always being there. That was the choice of those that built it. Read their books, read their blogs, read their lists, love their flames, style, mendacity, eagerness to challenge and eagerness to learn and eagerness to explore.

... but most importantly, to share.

For that reason, HTML is the language we all speak.

That did not come of business, it came because of what we wished for and worked for for each other: to communicate across the boundaries, to seek each other out, to want to know the differences, and to discover in all of that those things by which we are the same embracing those we choose as we choose. Freedom to know ourselves and each other isn't a business model. It is yearning for each other.

It is the mammal in you. The human.

The older I get the more I find I only really believe in two things: music and love for these reliably bring us together in yearning. The web is that desire made very large. While governments watch nervously, we have opened up the world to each other.

Cosmic evolution is choosing the means to find each other. That's all. That's enough. But if in all of that you feel an even higher power, know that it is not an uncommon feeling among the humans. If the wisdom of crowds is usually reliable, then it is wise to yearn for each other for it is something we all want to do. And if we feel in that or life in numbers there is a greater power of yearning that touches all, it is possibly true.

Self-directed evolution is cosmic evolution. You choose and become.

As ye olde Hippie bands sang, "Who Do You Love?"

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