Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Quantum Riff On God

Light is in superposition to the observable universe.
It is continuous therefore to the discrete observer, constant and indivisible, so waveform. Lightspeed is the observable and measurable.
It is the measurements that are discrete and create the illusion of the particle universe.

Observations are made at will.

What is the role of choice in semantic loading?
What are the rights of the chooser?
What are the rights of the chosen?
Whence comes the will to choose?
Whence comes the knowing of choice?

Uncertainty increases proportionally to semantic load.

Simplification reduces uncertainty. It does not induce choice.
It increases the particularity of choice. Choice is particulate.
Infinity is continuous and everywhere the same.

We evolved to be particulate so to measure infinities.
Faith evolved so we could be conscious that we are infinite.
We are light.

What is faith that it gives light the power know itself?
It is the choice to love.

Light gives up the infinite to know that choice.

So we become particulate, to be measured by the immortal light
that thereby knows itself yet always is itself.


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