Friday, February 25, 2005

UFOs: Fact or Friction

Yes, I saw the ABC UFO show. Yes, most of it is old material but not all of it.

There are more military types coming out and testifying and more admissions that the radar tracks do exist. More recently retired airline pilots are finally testifying now their careers aren't threatened.

1. There are too many eye witnesses with high credibility and film footage to say it is just kooks and cranks. There are reports that predate 1947. 1947 is when people started paying attention. The Twining report is legitimate and so was the testimony of the officer who used to run Blue Book. J. Allen Hynek was a seriously credentialed scientist.

So smarter people than thee or me take this stuff seriously.

2. The question one asks is: if UFOs are real, extraterrestrial or not, why is the government covering up? Either

a) what they know is bad or
b) what they know they don't know is bad or
c) it is government work or
d) they don't know.

3. Eyewitness accounts are not science. True. But they are evidence. Of what, I don't know. But evidently, neither do the scientists.

4. Is it crazy to believe in unproven things? Lots of people believe in God. So far, proof is minimal but there is more film footage of UFOs than God.

Do I believe? I keep an open mind and watch the skies, because as the old song says,

"There's things going on that you don't know."


skye said...

exscuse me but you forgot some facts...(1) some of the earliest ufo sightings(in US)were in 1902, (2) there has been ufo's in paintings thoughout history and (3)there is a law, A LAW that acually says IT IS ILLEGAL FOR PEOPLE TO ATTEMPT TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANY UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS OR EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS. also,(4) there is a section in the firefighter handbook is kept at all fire stations that has a chapter on what to do in the instance of UFO'S.(5) There is also multiple CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS with titles pertaining to UFO's. why would they have classified documents about ufo's if ufo's didn't exsist. (6) two words..AREA 51 P.S. the government knows, but DUH they are not going to tell the public cause they'll freak out, like when orson wells did with the war of the worlds. WATCH HISTORY CHANNEL they always do specials :D your welcome.

len said...

There are even earlier ones dating before the turn of the century, various artworks from early civilizations, middle ages, renaissance and so on. Some are speculative and interpretive. The special on ABC was criticized for not presenting more evidence. On the whole, they alright. I'd not seen the B52 event or the fact that the radar tracks showed anything.

Thanks. It is an interesting topic. Is there 'scientific proof'? Not really. Is there enough evidence to keep and open mind and perhaps root for more resources to check out the reports? I think there is.

Rev. Bob said...

Too many reports for there not to be something to it?

There are way more stupid people than you think.

len said...

Perhaps, Bob, but I also find that the most closed minds are often among the best educated.

Anyway, what I said was that there were too many accounts from credible sources, eg, air force personnel and airline pilots backed up by radar tracks. While one doesn't know the source, one has the testimony and the evidence from machinery that while capable of error is not capable of lunacy.

I keep an open mind. It is the first requirement of science. Political correctness is the last.

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