Thursday, January 27, 2005

Marketing X3D: The Basics

1. What situations will X3D make the better solution? In what way? What needs are met? Listening is everything. Timing is everything else. Location is opportunity.

2. What will the customer or user lose if they don't use X3D? Risk aversion is more powerful than opportunity.

3. When is X3D the classier approach and worth a little more money? Prestige is not cheap. When is X3D the cheaper approach and worth a little more time? Repetition is expensive.

4. X3D is boring as a technology. Interactive solutions are exciting as an experience.

5. A world with the customer's image in it is prettier than a picture of you.

6. The larger the number, the more the risk. Think small. Scale large.

7. In a world of ends, value is not had by creating a completely new world but by adding one that cooperates. In X3D, at the endpoint is a new world.

8. Creating a new service is better than competing with an existing service.

9. If you can do something but your competitor can do more, you will lose. If you can do more but your competitor is already doing something better, you will lose. If you can do something better and do more of it, you will win.

10. It isn't enough to be different, but it helps.

11. Know precisely what you want to do.
Practice doing that.
Do that every day in front of those who want that.

12. Location. Practice. Persistence.

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