Tuesday, September 07, 2004

When Spell Checkers Just Won't Save You

We love them because they make our writing better, and make us look smarter and more literate than we really are in today's email-driven society. But spell checkers aren't often grammar checkers. If you spell a word correctly yet use it incorrectly, a spell checker is like a life vest on the Titanic: it keeps your body afloat long after the chilling realization of just what it is that you have committed to the ocean of text actually means. In this article, I will list my favorites as they arrive at my inbox, beginning with:

"Please bare with me as I get on board with the duties as your chair. You have all contributed much to the work of the organization, and I will do my best to do my part."

One hopes her parts are doable. Better a bare chair than a chair bare.


Anonymous said...

"Yes eye no eye maid sum gram are miss steaks."

len said...

But your sense of humor is intact. That is a sure sign of an enlightened mind.

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