Monday, August 02, 2004

Whyizzit? Oil Money and the Elections

The news reports that a new and imminent terrorist threat has been uncovered. A recovered computer (Code 07 for those in the know) contained the details. The security forces go into action and the Attorney General tells us we must be Americans and continue about our normal duties, meaning, the Wall Street types can't take a day off. CNN posts a poll asking if people believe as Howard Dean suggests that the news is being manipulated for 'political purposes'. The usual pundits decry the conspiracy theories and my wife asks me, "Would they lie to us twice?" So as it was after Watergate, the mistrust by Americans of their government soars, and one wonders what the agenda of Al Qaeda could possibly be if it leads to more Americans voting for The Shrubs?

Almost as an afterthought, the press quotes sources as saying gas prices will rise as a result of fears of the 'imminent threat'. I don't know who is manipulating whom here, but the observable is that the same group is benefitting. After forty years one wonders why at the bottom of so many of America's great screw ups in the world, we keep finding Texas oil money cashing the checks.

I'm sure G.W. wants to win this election, but for those who pay his bills, I'm not sure it matters.


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