Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Anti-Mammals

Anti-Mammals. We see them everywhere these days. They look like us but they aren't us. They are there to deride the optimistic, to hold back the creative, to yawn at the comedic, to express disgust when acts of love are on public display or in private bedrooms, to kill off genuine compliments with accusations of harrassment, to in every petty way possible kill the mammalian drives.

They are power mad because they are insecure. Like vampires, they are only strong at the very darkest times, and just a bit of sunshine drives them to their cliquish coffin clubs of elitism and secret assuaging of their perverse thirsts. Ever since 1975, they've been replicating themselves by cloning their original members, and genetic fading is starting to make them as mad as inbred dogs.

One would think that they would have become the objects of much comedy but instead, we continue to elect them to high posts because we somehow have mistaken their stolen wealth and pale pasty faces for signs of economic wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

Now they believe information is the ultimate power so they've set their beady red eyes on the Internet. Pretty soon they'll be in control of all the routers and selling us closed box desktops with "no serviceable parts inside", using their tactics of calling anything they can't do 'useless or geeky', and otherwise holding up any piece of information that suggests something different from their viewpoint and calling it, "liberal". They harvest joy to produce boredom.

Laugh at them and blog on. Mammals thrive because we are warm-blooded and sexy and love our children more than our jobs. You don't have to party with the anti-mammals, and they won't invite you anyway unless they need to feed.

Just Say No.


Rev. Bob said...

What's worse is when the anti-mammals are us. Everybody's got some anti-mammal nature. The trick (and it's a hard trick) is recognizing it.

Besides, I can't do a darn thing to control other anti-mammals. But I can control myself. Mind you, controlling myself isn't half as much fun as yelling at other people when they refuse to be controlled. ;-)

len said...

It usually happens when we become parents.

Tonight, I have to get into the why of antiness. "The hounds of love are hunting..."


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