Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Will I Watch Bush's Speech?

I don't think so. That would be too much like listening to your ex-wife's husband talk about renovating your house when you know he had to lie to get the job and your house.

No. It's my baby girl's eleventh birtday today. We'll celebrate that and watch "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" on DVD. It's the same theme as the de factotem's speech but the CGI is waaaaaay better.

As he does every year, my son tossed her out the door into the yard this morning. The good news: she didn't see her shadow on the way back in to kick his head around the living room as she does every year. The difference: her feet are much bigger this year. So, winter will be shorter. He will be too.

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Len Bullard said...

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" tanked at the box office and it was easy to see why. This is a bad movie but a full employment scheme for every special effects house in Hollywood. Speaking of wood, the acting was just terrible except for Sir Laurence Olivier's role, and he was already dead before the film was made. Ultra-kietsch. Should do well as a cult classic.

The Wizard of Oz references made my skin crawl.

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