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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Reefs Of Contentment

A spooky song for spooky times.

From Ground Level Sound, "Will Work for Food", a spooky tale of modern man who must confront the prison of living a contented life... or not. Progressive rock. Featured guests include Sharon K. Parker and Microwave Dave Gallaher.

As I put the video together last night for The Reefs of Contentment, a song that is thirty years old and squarely from the time of being enthralled by the videos and music of Kate Bush, I remember how far afield we were from the local mainstream of hat acts and the then mouldering sounds of nearby Muscle Shoals. Between British progressive rock and Steely Dan, we found an escape from the mediocrity of cover bands and nightclub mob managers who only wanted belting blues to sell piss on tap. It was not southern rock or country or reggae.

We were indies paying our own way picking our own sounds free to run off the edge of the map where there are dragons and unspoiled wilderness. It was exciting and dangerous and terrifying and with each track we made, satisfying that we were unique in this heart of darkness they call the Rocket City. We were free.

I could not be more proud of that band and our work together. I remember running next door to Lydia Gold’s store to show her the video I had just purchased. She looked at it and squealed “KATIE!!” Then looked up at me with those big round luminous eyes and whispered, “Len, you are going to love this.” She was right as she always was about me.

Three decades on I know it was Kate who showed me the door from local to the infinite possibilities of art and one need only be brave or foolish enough to step through it. There is only what you know and what you can learn on the trek. Don’t let them suspend you in gaffa.

I love that woman. Kate is the perfect muse.

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Thinking About You

A song about closing the box on desperate longing.

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